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Betsy Dupuis Lawyer | Babst Calland

Life for Betsy Dupuis is not like a courtroom drama. Al­though she is well versed in the law and comfortable in front of a jury, Dupuis’s life is centered on bringing people together to create community and making the lives of oth­ers better through public service. She sits on numerous boards including the Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County, The Friends of the Palmer and the United Way of Centre County as well as handling pro bono house closings for Habitat for Humanity. We sat down with Dupuis to talk about her five favorite things beyond the law.

Family and her ties to the area are Dupuis’ passions. She lives in a charming farmhouse off of Buffalo Run Road where her family has lived since 1975 — the Dupuis are just the third family to have lived on the property in the last nearly 200 years. “We think this house is from about the 1820s and the barn is the turn of the century. It was originally a post house and tavern.”

can you dig it

Muncy Mounta ta in Farm Muncy Mounta ta in Farm Dupuis loves to garden, grow her own herbs for cooking and can vegetables and jams, which she does with her mother, Mary. “When I was a kid, my mother canned and froze all of the vegetables we ate. And we slaughtered a cow [each year] so we lived off of the land.”

Woman’s Best Friends

Dupuis lives with her two rescue dogs, 14-year- old Pippin and 5-year-old Elvis, and has always been drawn to animals.

“The dogs are my family. Pippin and Elvis are here now but I had a pet cow named Rosebud, who lived to be 17 or 18 years old. I’ve always had animals in my life. At one point, I thought I would become a veterinarian.”

Reaching Higher

Dupuis is constantly striving to make the Centre Region a better community by volunteering for numerous organizations and boards. “Everybody should be giving something back. Whether you are on a board or mentoring kids or raising money, the physical involvement is very important. Plus, I really like it. Being a lawyer is not as glamorous as TV might lead people to believe.”

land time

Dupuis is go-go in her everyday life, so when it comes to downtime she heads to the Isle of Palm,

S.C. “There’s something about the sounds and the roll of the waves. When you go to the Carolinas, you’re spread out and there is not as much development on the beach … and then you’re 20 minutes from Charleston. It’s cosmopolitan and has so much history!”

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