2016-02-01 / Spotlight

For The Kids

Brady Lucas | Penn State Student | THON Dancer

On feb. 19-21, Brady Lucas will be dancing at THON for his fraternity, Phi Kappa Sigma. But it’s not his first THON experience. As a child, Lucas was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and received assistance from The Four Diamonds Fund. “Ever since I was 8, when I was diagnosed the first time,” he says, “I wanted to come to Penn State. It’s the only university in the country that I can attend that saved my life.” The sophomore, now in recovery, will represent the fraternity that adopted him. “My life has been full circle,” he says. Beyond his family and THON, here are five things that keep Lucas grooving.

“I spend most of my free time out on the golf course as a stress reliever. The golf course is my sanctuary. It’s also a chance for me to bond with my dad, brother and friends, especially on Sunday afternoons in the summer growing up.” Plus, Lucas and his family hold the Brady C. Lucas Golf Outing each year—2016 will be the ninth—to raise money for The Four Diamonds Fund.

Lucas and his family have a house in Point Lookout, New York, where they have spent many vacations. “The house is a great history book. My Pop taught me how to fish there. It is the one place that I feel closest to my Pop, who passed away. I always feel like he is right beside me there along with my family.”

“I spend free time when I am not too busy in the kitchen with my mom. I am a very family-oriented person, and any chance I get to be in the kitchen with my mom is special. I actually can bake really well too!” His specialties are pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and buffalo chicken dip.

“The light bulb signifies the future of our world. Every chance I get I try to interact with youth to help them grow and develop. I realize how important the attention to children is. I worked at a YMCA camp, Camp Spirit, over the summer, and every chance I get a free day, I go into my mom’s fourth-grade class and help the students learn.”

“I love to learn. I have always been a scholar my whole life, no matter what it takes. I work very hard in and out of the classroom to get the best education I can possibly get.” The always-cheerful Lucas says, for him, the brain also represents the power of the mind. “My mindset gets me through the daily activities of life. My mind leaves me to constantly smile and always think the best of every situation.”

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