2016-03-01 / Goods

What's Cooking?

Despite the obviously mouth-watering selection of restaurants we have in the area, nobody can eat out every night. When it’s time to roll up your sleeves, tie on your apron and make your own meal, why not try one (or all!) of these kitchen gadgets and tools to inspire the chef within.

Whether you like your eggs poached, hard-boiled or in omelet form, the Rapid Egg Cooker ($30) will prepare up to six eggs at a time. Dishwasher safe, easy to use, and pretty cute, too! Urban Outfitters, 234 E. College Ave.,

Rock the guac with the Oxo Plastic Avocado Slicer ($10.79), which makes quick work of all that peeling and slicing necessary to get to the green goodness within. Target, 315 Colonnade Blvd.,

Make expert-level cutout cookies, pies and more with the Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin Plus ($19.99). Use the removable discs to make sure the dough you roll is the same thickness all around. Kohl’s, 275 Colonnade Blvd.,

No more rolling your pizza toppings right off the dough every time you slice up your pie. The Dreamfarm Scizza Pizza Cutter ($29.99) makes perfect cuts while leaving your toppings intact. Bed Bath & Beyond, 313 Benner Pike,

Gluten-free dishes are a breeze with the Microplane Spiral Cutter ($17.95). A simple twist gives you a heaping helping of spiral-cut veggies ready for steaming, stir-frying and more. Kitchen Kaboodle, 104 W. Beaver Ave.,

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