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Hot Off the Press

The most anticipated new releases in spring fiction
Maria Burchill

As spring rolls around, trying to find time to prep the garden — let alone read a good book — can be a challenge. Knowing which title to place your bets on will save loads of time at the bookstore (or local library). From a vigilante Jane Eyre to a canny nuclear scientist, the staff at Schlow has been anticipating the day these well-reviewed books arrive. Hurry and request one today!

Jane Steele
by Lyndsay Faye
With an evil aunt, a torturous school and a mysterious manor, this darkly humorous retelling of Jane Eyre reimagines our heroine as a vigilante serial killer. Faye’s previous books, Fatal Flame and Gods of Gotham, garnered praise from writers Gillian Flynn and Matthew Pearl. (Release date: March 22)

Beyond the Ice Limit
by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
This next installment in the ongoing saga of Gideon Crew follows the scientist/thief on a mission to rid the oceans of an unusual meteorite. With a sentience all its own, find out how Crew battles the otherworldly intelligence. (May 17)

Extreme Prey
by John Sandford
Lucas Davenport returns in the 26th book in John Sandford’s hit series. This time Davenport finds himself embroiled in a presidential campaign investigating a threat to his friend, the candidate. Perfect for election season, Sandford continues to make fans clamor for more. (April 26)

All Summer Long
by Dorothea Benton Frank
After Frank’s huge 2014 hit The Hurricane Sisters, readers won’t have long to wait for another top seller. All Summer Long follows New Yorkers Olivia and Nicholas Ritchie as they travel the globe living the high life with the superrich. This love story ponders the true path to happiness. (May 31)

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