2016-10-01 / Goods

Orange You Glad It's October?

Maggie Anderson

The spooky holiday at the end of the month isn’t the only time orange is appropriate! Celebrate the fall season with orange galore.

Make a new friend with Educational Insight’s Puppet on a Stick ($9.95), complete with a movable mouth. “Lex” is perfect for dramatic storytelling and all-around fun!

Impress your guests with hand-painted Hibiscus Goblets ($28.95) from Home Reflections. Made with 100% USA products, these glasses can make any drink look fit for a party.

Rainy days never looked so stylish with this Vinrella Orange Botanical Bottle Umbrella ($20). The unique design allows the umbrella to fold back up into the drip-proof bottle for easy and dry transportation.

Add a pop of color to your picnic with the Goverre Portable Wine Glass ($24.00). A silicone sleeve and drink-through top makes on-the-go wine easier than ever.

Fight off flu season with Indigo Wild’s Dragon’s Blood Bar Soap ($5.95). Cruelty free, vegetarian and made with natural mineral pigments, this soap has an herbaceous scent to keep you smelling fresh all day.

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