2017-03-01 / Goods

A Perfect Picnic

Maggie Anderson

As the weather warms up, it’s time to get back outside! Revel in the spring sunshine and scents at a nearby park — or even in your backyard. Here are our picks for picnic perfection.

Take your love for food with you on the road and into nature with the Guyot Designs Squishy Bowl Set ($14.95). Perfect for both hot and cold temperatures, these silicone bowls can nest inside one another and squeeze into small spaces- making them perfect for traveling.

Bring along a Chocolates by Leopold Break-up Bar ($9) in either milk or dark chocolate for easy sharing. You can be sure there won’t be any left for the ants who come marching in.

For an easy gourmet snack, grab a few Gemelli Bakers Pretzels (2 for $5) before hitting the road. The perfectly chewy Bavarian staple is sure to please picnickers of all stripes. 814.234.8946

For the perfect pretzel dip, bring along some Tait Farm Raspberry Chipotle Mustard ($7.50), which offers a unique combo for the discriminating palate. The sweet, spicy and savory sauce is a versatile accompaniment to all kinds of food.

Easily bring along a bottle of your favorite vino with this Cheers! Silver Wine Tote ($10). Picnic pro-tip: Choose a bottle with a twist-off cap so there’s no panic over a forgotten corkscrew.

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