2017-04-01 / Goods

Easy Being Green

Maggie Anderson

This month, green begins to show its face, exploding into a riotous springtime revelry. Join in the fun with verdant picks that will help you create your own fresh fête — even if your green thumb is just budding.

Gather your greens in style with this Golden Rabbit Herb Colander Set ($44). Made of carbon steel coated with porcelain enamel, be on the lookout for Peter Rabbit eyeing this two-piece set.

Utilitarian without sacrificing style, the Tilley Endurables Airflo Hat ($84.95) is great for rain or shine. A hidden Velcro pocket holds essentials, so you can weed without fear of dropping your phone.

A favorite of bartenders, Green Chartreuse ($55.99) is a French liqueur made from a secret mix of 130 herbs and plants by mountain-dwelling monks since 1737. On its own or in a mixed drink, it’s a fitting post-planting quaff.

Get your garden on with this easy Greenes Cedar Raised Bed ($41.99). You’ll have a 4-foot-by-4-foot garden ready to go before spring has even sprung.

Fill that bed with Greentree Raised Bed Mix ($16 for 1.5 cu ft). The mix, which includes coarse coco, organic nutrients and worm castings, will drain well while maintaining the right amount of moisture. This month the people behind the Organic Garden Center open their new Barn at Lemont with more than just gardening supplies.

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