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Memorable Teachers

Anita Ditz | Schlow Centre Region Library

Everyone has memories of favorite teachers. Mrs. Marcella Martin had steel-rimmed spectacles and iron-grey hair pulled back into the classic bun. She taught high school math and introduced me to Flatland and encouraged me to learn more about math than I ever wanted to! She encouraged curiosity and taught critical thinking skills so I learned how to make thoughtful decisions. I hope you had such a teacher in your life. The following books may bring back memories!

Miss Smith’s Incredible Storybook
by Michael Garland
Zack’s second grade teacher Miss Smith has a knack for telling tales when she reads from her incredible book — the stories literally spring to life! His first week at school Zack finds himself aboard a pirate ship and gets to meet Red Riding Hood. Then one day Miss Smith is late for school. Chaos follows when the principal steps in and reads a story — and flees after freeing a dragon and other iconic storybook characters. Readers will enjoy Michael Garland’s vivid illustrations. Ages 5-9

To Serve Them All My Days
by R.F. Delderfield
Anyone who is an educator, or who has been deeply influenced by a school or a teacher, will love this book. It’s a glimpse inside British public schools in their best light, through the eyes of a truly dedicated teacher. Suffering from PTSD, David Powlett-Jones returns from WWI and gains a post at the elite Bamfyde boarding school. This book provides historical insights into the tumultuous decades between WWI and WWII while sharing the life of a committed teacher and the lives of his students. Adults

by Andrew Clements
Ten-year-old Nick Allen has a reputation for devising clever, time-wasting schemes guaranteed to distract even the most conscientious teacher. He meets his match in Mrs. Granger’s fifth-grade class and is assigned an extra report on how new words are added to the dictionary. Inspired by the assignment, he creates his own word for pen — and “frindle” soon enters the school lexicon and spreads across town — and beyond. This fun-filled, imaginative tale will soon have readers inventing their own words. Grades 3-6

Testing Miss Malarkey
by Judy Finchler
Judy Finchler presents a child’s view of preparing for standardized tests — and the impact it has upon teachers. The grown-ups tell the children not to worry, but they are acting weird. The student notices the teacher is stressed, the principal is yelling, the lunch lady is serving “brain food,” and his mom is having him fill out ditto sheets before he goes to bed. Finding humor in standardized testing is not an easy task, but Finchler reaches a high score on this one. All ages

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