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Explore the Animal Kingdom

Anita Ditz | Schlow Centre Region Library

I am one of those people who loves animals — all sorts of animals. So of course I read about animals! This month, I’ve chosen a cross-section of books that should appeal to a wide variety of ages and tastes, from a rapidly changing world and entertaining stories in James Herriot’s books to an introductory nonfiction book about giraffes. If, like me, you were one of the thousands who waited patiently for April the Giraffe to finally have her baby, you’ll enjoy learning more about these amazing creatures with your children.

All Creatures Great and Small
by James Herriot
This book and others have delighted readers of the series for more than 40 years. James Herriot is a veterinarian who moved to the town of Thirsk in Yorkshire to work in a rural practice. You will want to read the entire series as you become acquainted with his partners, Siegfried and Tristan, and the independent farmers with herds of semi-feral cattle, a pig named Nugent and an indulged Pekingese named Tricki Woo.

by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
When Marty Preston falls in love with an abused beagle he names Shiloh, he has to decide if he will return the dog to its owner, Judd, who has a reputation for mistreating his animals. Marty is faced with many ethical decisions that make this a great discussion book. Marty comes to realize that “nothing is as simple as you guess.” Definitely read the book before you see the movie.
(Ages 9–12)

A Perfect Day
by Lane Smith
What makes your perfect day? For Cat, it’s a walk through a flowerbed on a sunny day. For Dog, it’s splashing in cool water. Chickadee and Squirrel find yummy food. Then Bear arrives — and his perfect day changes the day for everyone else! Lane Smith’s mixed media is a change from his usual art style and is perfect for this book.

National Geographic Readers: Giraffes
by Laura Marsh
This National Geographic Reader for beginning readers provides great tidbits of information coupled with fantastic photographs. This Level 1 book is carefully leveled for an early independent reading or read-aloud experience, perfect to encourage the scientists and explorers of tomorrow! This is a great introduction to nonfiction for young children.
(Preschool–Grade 2)

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