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Self Reflection

Member-artists create self-portraits for the Bellefonte Art Museum’s 10th anniversary exhibition
Maggie Anderson

The Bellefonte Art Museum for Centre County’s year-opening show is a first — it’s the only show for which the museum has directly commissioned the works on display. But it’s also 10 years in the making, as it kicks off the celebration of a decade of art in Bellefonte.

“We want to show who we are as we start this 10th year,” says Executive Director Patricia House. “So who are we? We’re a whole bunch of artists that have become involved with this organization, so they’re showing their faces — and a lot of the artists have never done self-portraits before! — and we’re also a place of enrichment, and we’re including posters from almost all of the shows that have been in the Windows Gallery.”

Those shows have exhibited work from all over the world and in many different mediums, from Chuck Fong’s American diner photo series to a collection of international medals, from the Art of Fly Fishing to Chinese calligraphy.

The other galleries in the museum have always shown the work of local artists, of which there are currently 186 on the museum’s registry. More than 60 of those created a self-portrait for the show, including Huntingdon-based artist ZheKa.

“I’m always more interested in the inner world,” he says of his work. “With this self-portrait, it’s more interesting to me what’s inside, what inspires people, the thought process. I’m not really interested in my nose or my forehead.”

State College artist Doug Weirauch is interested in features — the self-taught painter’s style is more realistic. “I was a scientist in material research for 35 years,” he says. “I only managed to find time to paint occasionally on weekends.” Since he retired in 2013, he’s had much more time to devote to his art.

“Especially with the support of the new museum,” he says. “There’s a good artistic community here.”
Visitors can see what all of the artists are interested in starting on Jan. 7 at noon for the First Sunday opening reception.

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