2018-07-01 / BookBag

Lizards and Frogs and Books, Oh My!

Paula Bannon | Schlow Centre Region Library

If you’ve visited the Children’s Department at Schlow recently, you probably met our new library residents — a long-tailed lizard and a green tree frog. Children and adults alike are fascinated with watching our new critters — or trying to find them among the leafy vines that fill the tank. The lizard is particularly adept at climbing and he uses his very long tail to help him reach new heights. The frog is less active and mostly sleeps through the day, but we enjoy looking at her cute little toes as she sticks to the glass of the terrarium. Many library visitors make sure to greet the pets each time they come to Schlow. In fact, some of our patrons have been inspired by our critters and have gotten reptile friends of their own! Summer is a great time to think about the fascinating animals that fill our world. Check out some of my favorite books about animals both real and imaginary.

From dogs and cats to horses, chickens, hamsters and chinchillas, everyone can find a pet that’s just perfect for them. Enjoy Brendan Wenzel’s wonderful illustrations in Some Pets by Angela DiTerlizzi.

What makes a great day? We all have different thoughts on what makes a day truly wonderful. For the animals in Bert’s backyard (a cat, a dog, a chickadee and a squirrel), each one finds something that makes their day perfect. Cat likes the warmth of the sun on his back. Dog appreciates the cool water in the backyard pool, and Chickadee likes the seeds in the feeder that Bert put out for him. But will their day remain perfect as a large bear wanders into the yard? Find out in Lane Smith’s A Perfect Day.

Robot Roz has learned so much from the animals that inhabit the island where she was shipwrecked. Over time, Roz found a way to befriend those animals and made the island home. But what will happen when she is taken from her home on the island and returned to civilization? Will Roz find a way to adapt once again or can she find a way to return to her island home and her animal friends? The Wild Robot Escapes by Peter Brown — second in the series — is sure to keep you guessing!

For those of us who love animals that are just a little bit magical, Olivia Lomenech Gill has created an amazing illustrated version of J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. If you enjoy reading about hippogriffs, blast-ended skrewts, dragons or even unicorns on pages decorated with fanciful drawings, then this is the perfect summer read to make your day extraordinary. •SCM

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