2019-03-01 / BookBag

What's for Dinner?

Whether you’ve got a picky eater or a ravenous toddler, these books will whet any appetite.
By Paula Bannon | Schlow Centre Region Library

It seems like we’re inundated with advice on what to eat. Self-help diet and healthy-eating cookbooks are often popular at the library, especially at the beginning of the year. Whether you’re still trying to hold on to that New Year’s resolution or simply want to eat something delicious, there are a lot of books to help you do just that. But if those seem overwhelming, take heart — even the characters in this month’s book selections encounter some struggles with food!

A bear from the zoo suddenly finds himself dropped off in the forest to fend for himself. Feeling hungry, he starts to forage for food and is just about to eat a rock when he hears a voice yell, “Don’t eat that!” He drops the rock and sees a young Girl Scout standing before him. Seeing that he needs some direction, she decides to help him find food in order to earn her wildlife buddy merit badge. Unfortunately, this proves to be harder than she thought — the bear has no idea how to hunt or what he should eat! Find out if she’s successful in Don’t Eat That! by Drew Sheneman.

The author of the popular Mother Bruce books, Ryan T. Higgins, has created a new picture book that your kids are sure to love. We Don’t Eat Our Classmates features a loveable little T. rex named Penelope who is nervous about starting her first day of school. She wonders what her classmates will be like, and more importantly, how many teeth will they have? Follow Penelope’s adventures as she sets off for her first day of school with her pony backpack (because, according to Penelope, ponies are delicious!) and 300 tuna sandwiches in this adorable book that will soon be a family favorite.

Do you love a food that doesn’t love you back? Most of us have at least one food that doesn’t agree with us, but we just can’t seem to resist. In Adam Rubin’s book Dragons Love Tacos, we learn that while dragons love beef and chicken tacos in big and small sizes, they simply hate salsa. Rubin says, “Just one single speck of hot pepper makes a dragon snort sparks. Spicy salsa gives dragons the tummy troubles, and when dragons get the tummy troubles — oh boy…” So if you want to make friends with a dragon, remember not to serve anything spicy or you could be in for a big surprise!

Bird and his friends set out on a hike in the forest when Bird realizes he’s hungry. He asks each of his friends if they brought something for him to eat and each friend kindly offers to share their snack with him. But Bird doesn’t find anything appetizing — not the grass brought by Sheep, the carrots from Rabbit or the berries from Raccoon. Soon, Bird feels like he’s dying and no one cares! Hungry Bird by Jeremy Tankard is the perfect book to share with that “hangry” person in your family.

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