He's Got the Beat

State High’s drum major takes school spirit seriously.

   This fall, Sam Oleynik will do more than keep the beat for the State College Area High School marching band.He’ll keep everyone upbeat. Full Story


Come Rain or Shine

Local TV show Weather World celebrates 35 years of award-winning forecasts.

   When it comes to learning about your local daily weather, you can check your phone for a minute-by-minute forecast, but for something more in-depth, locals tune into the weather magazine show Weather World. Full Story


At the Top of Their Voices

The State College Choral Society celebrates 70 years of making beautiful music.

   Six-hundred choral works by 1,750 singers performed before 44,000 audience members over 70 years: For the State College Choral Society, all of that adds up to something much greater than the sum of its parts. Full Story


Make Your Mark

   On Sept. 15, classrooms and libraries all over the world will celebrate International Dot Day. Every year, this day highlights the impact of one small picture book: The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. Full Story


Race to Neverland

   On Aug. 11, Pixie Dust Wishes held its second annual Race to Neverland. Full Story


28th Annual Mount Nittany Health Golf Classic

   The 28th Annual Mount Nittany Health Golf Classic, held Saturday, Aug. 11, at the Penn State Golf Courses, netted $167,082, with all proceeds supporting construction of the new cardiovascular pavilion at Mount Nittany Medical Center. Full Story


Staying Off the DL

Lessening the risk of ACL injury for high school athletes

   It’s not an uncommon scenario. An athlete is sailing through the air or making a quick turn when all of a sudden he or she hears a “pop” in the knee. Full Story


Homegrown Heat

Of the 96 plots in the Penn State Community Garden, one produces more spiciness than all the others combined.

   Emily Sandall lifts a tangle of tomato vines, ushering us through the unruly arch as we continue our summer tour of the Penn State Center for Sustainability Community Garden, located below the center’s Morning Star home. Full Story


The ABCs of Chardonnay

   Not too many years ago, the American wine palate grew tired of Chardonnay, or so it seemed. The ABC movement — “Anything But Chardonnay” — vociferously maligned the omnipresent varietal throughout the land. Full Story


Director's Cut

with Penn State School of Theatre director Rick Lombardo

   Incoming Penn State School of Theatre director Rick Lombardo comes to State College by way of New York, Boston, San Jose and Atlanta. Full Story


Into the Wild Blue Yonder

   If you’d asked me a couple months ago what I thought the top 100 most purely exhilarating events of my life might turn out to be, nowhere on that list would appear riding in a helicopter over Henry County, Georgia. Full Story


Finding His Groove

Penn State graduate student Sam Lapp wants you to hear the music — and he’ll bring it to you.

   Ever since Sam Lapp began playing keyboard in high school, he has been passionate about music’s ability to bring people together and serve as a connection point. Full Story


Foundations of Learning

Montessori teacher gives her professional career to young students

   House slippers were the first things I noticed when I entered the Park Forest Montessori School classroom. All the kids, teachers and assistants were wearing them. They looked comfy. A great idea, I thought — but a bit unusual. Full Story


Well Read

Mid-State Literacy Council Gets Rebrand to Help Further Its Mission of Literacy for All

   If you’re a native English speaker, talking to someone about a trip you’re taking is a simple social pleasure. Full Story


Arts Ahead

   From never-before-seen still lifes to well-loved musicals, the season of arts that kicks off each fall has much in store for local patrons. Full Story

Park Forest Montessori
Park Forest Montessori School


The Long and Winding Career Path

Just like his younger self, David Rockower’s kids dream of careers in sports. But what happens when you realize that might not work out?

   What do you want to be when you grow up? Full Story


Rank and Smile

Area children step up for fun at annual Boot Camp for Kids

   Details, communication and teamwork: That’s what Pennsylvania Military Museum educator and curator Joe Horvath highlights as the essential qualities for soldiers going through boot camp — and the same goes for children. Full Story


New School Tools

New school start times and an elementary STEM curriculum are in store for SCASD students this year.

   This fall, Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin’” could be the State College Area School District’s theme song. Full Story


Global Goods

Ten Thousand Villages finds a new home in State College.

   Baskets handwoven in Bangladesh, Nepalese singing bowls, brightly patterned scarves from India, pendant necklaces with Peruvian stones: These are some of the beautiful treasures of the world, and soon you won’t have to be a globetrotter to find them. Full Story


Bittersweet Books for Teens

   The end of the summer is bittersweet. It means the last of the hot, hot days and final trips to the pool. It also means there are only a few more weeks to conquer the recommended reading lists assigned back in June. Full Story


Kish Celebrates Community

   The fourth annual Kish Celebrates Community gathering took place July 21 at Beaver Stadium. Full Story


Monet’s Picnic

   In late June, more than 100 patrons of the arts gathered at Millbrook Marsh Environmental Center for the Bellefonte Art Museum for Centre County’s annual fundraiser. Full Story


Balancing Act

Maintaining good health and peace of mind is tricky in today’s busy world.

   For many people, the pursuit of a healthy work/life balance seems like an impossible goal. With so many of us torn between juggling heavy workloads, managing relationships and family responsibilities, and squeezing in outside interests, it’ Full Story


Bear Belly

New brewpub Shy Bear Brewing in Lewistown offers an unexpected menu.

   In the midst of the construction project that would eventually become Shy Bear Brewing, one of Jason Ufema’s engineers pulled him aside and wrapped an arm around him.“People are going to come from far away to be here,” the engineer advised, “and they Full Story


Uncork & Remix

   We all know them: People who profess they don’t like wine and would much rather have a cocktail. If only there were a way to join them in sipping a cocktail without having to give up wine in the process? Well, there is. Full Story



with Shih-In Ma

   If you’re plugged into the efforts around town to make this a more inclusive and socially just community, then you’ve probably crossed paths with Shih-In Ma. Full Story


Paradise Found

   I’ve done a lot of risky things in my life. I’ve paraglided over the Tetons, Wyoming visible far beneath my feet. I’ve paddled Class V rapids in West Virginia, nearly drowning when I fell overboard. Full Story


A World of Difference

   If you’ve been downtown in the last few months, you’ve no doubt seen the “You Are Welcome Here” banners highlighting Penn State’s international students and touting the diversity we have here. But how welcome is everyone, really? Full Story


Wake Up, Happy Valley!

While most of the Centre Region sleeps, these early risers are getting a jumpstart on the day

   Some people are early risers by choice; others need to set multiple alarms to make it out of bed before the sun rises. Either way, there’s an entire world of activity that happens before the traditional workday begins. Full Story