Is Your Breakfast Toxic?

Think having oatmeal, granola or oat-based cereal for breakfast is healthy? Think again. Results of independent laboratory tests funded by consumer watchdog Environmental Working Group found that popular oat cereals, including Cheerios, contain glyphosate. The World Health Organization has called glyphosate, used in the weed killer Roundup, a “probable human carcinogen.” Last year, a jury in San Francisco awarded a […]

Don’t Give Up

Sticking to your New Year’s resolutions can be challenging, but there are plenty of reasons you should.

If you are like most people, chances are you started 2020 with the best intentions for yourself. Roughly half of all Americans set New Year’s resolutions, with three of the most popular resolutions being: exercise more, eat better and lose weight. Unfortunately, as the days and weeks drag on many of us lose sight of these goals and sit idly […]

12+ Questions with Adam Goldberg

When he was in high school, Adam Goldberg felt like he had every challenge a person could have as someone just trying to fit in. “I was psychologically diagnosed, physically small, socially awkward and struggled academically,” he says. But when his school brought in a personal trainer, it put Goldberg on a path to gaining 50 pounds of muscle, making […]

Have a Laugh

Laughter is a way to restore us and connect with others.

Spring has always been my favorite season. I love the birds singing again, the first peeps of color from the early spring flowers and the baby bunnies playfully chasing each other in the corner of our backyard. It is a time of renewal and birth, the promise of warmer temperatures and the allure of green meadows and mountain trails beckoning […]

Living More Lightly

Things aren’t great, climate-wise. Earth-wise. Let’s just get that out the way before we move into a discussion of the myriad ways we as individuals can help create a positive environmental shift. We’ve seen the effects of mild climate change in the greater intensity and duration of wildfires in places like California and Australia, in the increase in coastal flooding […]

The Strands of Decision-Making

How to include your brain, heart and body in decision-making.

Ever since our daughter Jessica was born, my husband and I have called her “Miss J.” When Miss J was little, she created her own unique decision-making practice. For example, if she and I were shopping for a new piece of clothing and Miss J had narrowed her options to two choices, she would begin to walk toward the store […]

Balance of Nature

Spending time in the great outdoors has positive effects for mental health and wellness.

The freezing temperatures and snow and ice on the ground probably have made delighting in the outdoors a challenge during the past few months. But now that we’ve finally reached spring, we can collectively start to come out of our indoor hibernation and enjoy the wonders and benefits of nature. With fresh air, natural landscapes and the quiet sound that […]